Wat help dit om reg te wees?

The Editor,
Herewith something I wrote in February 1990 just after Mandela was unbanned/released. Being prescient has its ups and downs and being ultimately right doesn’t mean you win.
Pik Botha kept this clipping and gave it to the writer Theresa Papenfus and she put it in the book. I wonder why he kept the clipping?

The paragraph in the chapter Paper Jets” in Pik Botha and his times (p. 645) quoted from my letter published in The Citizen of 6 February 1990: reads:

“In the diverse political camps these announcements were received  variously with delight, suspicion or shock. Gaye, the wife of the ultraconservative Clive Derby-Lewis, laid this turnabout by the conservative De Klerk at the door of Pik Botha, “that perennial eminence grise of government policy making”.

South Africans, she wrote, could expect the following of the new dispensation: “Their children’s school curricula will be changed, their municipalities will come under control of the Third World; there will be no such thing as White residential areas; they will be ordered to employ Blacks in their businesses even if they have ample staff; they will be taxed into total penury to accommodate the fastest growing birth rate in the world, they will watch Third World television, see their economy collapse and see their community life destroyed.”


Gaye Derby-Lewis.