Solidariteit en die ANC

Die onderstaande berig het in 2008 in die media verskyn
Die Vryburger maak verskoning vir die taal maar wil lesers hiermee eerstehand op hoogte van sake hou.
Die inhoud van die berig is nooit deur dié multi-kulturele vakbond betwis nie.

Solidarity to bargain with ANC
2008-03-05 21:28
Johannesburg – Trade union Solidarity wants to “bargain” with the new ANC leadership on policy matters, it said on Wednesday.

“We believe that we should bargain with the ANC and with government, in the same way that bargaining takes place between employers and trade unions,” said union general secretary Flip Buys in a statement.

“Bargaining with the ANC is crucial, since it is the centre of power where policy is developed.”

The union’s national council decided to enter into “active debate” with the ruling party to achieve a “healthy balance of power”.

“Bargaining means conversation, debate and co-operation, but sometimes also pressure and protest,” Solidarity said.
It added that the end goal of bargaining was to reach a positive outcome for parties involved.

ANC President Jacob Zuma is to address Solidarity’s national congress at a dinner on Thursday.

Solidarity said it viewed the Zuma leadership of the ANC as more “accessible” as the party president would, for the first time, talk to ordinary Afrikaner workers.

The ANC had, in the past, confined its dialogue with the community to its elite, it said.

“The new secretary-general, Gwede Mantashe, and the new deputy president of the ANC, Kgalema Motlanthe, were both general secretary of the largest trade union in South Africa, the National Union of Mineworkers.

“These men will not be surprised if we bring mandates from our people to the talks – on the contrary, they will understand,” Buys said.

Solidarity, through bargaining, wants to actively participate in building South Africa. It hoped to tackle the skills shortage, to combat poverty, and to help those who have lost their jobs to re-enter the market.

“We want a constructive mindset that will demonstrate our commitment to South Africa. We are also committed to the South African Constitution and we not only want to operate within its framework, but to expand it.”