Die optog in Washington DC

Today a few very brave and proud men and women made a stand for truth and justice at this nations Zionist controlled Capital in Washington D.C. To these fine Brothers and Sisters I lift my right arm in a salute to their honor. These people sacrificed much today and put their lives on the line for their people. There is no greater love than a man lay down his life for his brother. While we cannot at this moment claim that the September 22nd March on Washington D.C. on behalf of our kinsmen in South Africa was a huge success in that the GENOCIDE, RAPE, TORTURE and MURDER of White South Africans at the hands of the blacks in the anti-Christian Communist ruled nation of South Africa continues and will most likely continue even further still. We do hope that our presence in Washington D.C. today at least awakened a few of our people to the atrocities taking place against our brethren in South Africa and all around the globe. Furthermore still; we put the powers that be on notice that we ARE watching, listening and preparing ourselves for the assault of this exact same caliber that we know beyond a shadow of a doubt is coming to American shores. We will be prepared to defend our kith and kin to the death if need be, at all costs and against all odds.

Die Vryburger plaas hierdie berig soos dit ontvang is