Oproep om selfbeskikking uit die vreemde

I always keep up to date on what is happening in once beautiful South Africa by reading Die Vryburger.

PLEASE, PLEASE KEEP THE DEMAND GOING FOR Boer-Afrikaner people’s right to demand land for self-determination from the South African government.

We as a white race are put out the job market that is not right. Our farmers are murdered everyday in the worst possible way and this must come to a end.

Remember I’m bred a born South African. Afrikaner and English South Africans we are one people and we are sisters and brothers and we must fight for self determination. That is the only way for all our white people.

My love is still for the old South Africa.

All these murders on our farmers and our woman and children must stop.

I also from time to time look up news in www.whitenationnetwork.com.

This abuse and murder of our people must end. So I’m praying for self determination for our people so we can live free once more and not in fear of our loved ones being murdered.

Next time I read Die Vryburger I hope there will be good news for our people.

Frederick Willems